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Understanding the problem of Evil and Pain

Human beings experience sufferings occasionally. Pain and evil are at times related. Some argue that one is a result of the other. However, there is a need to have a sound belief and quality understanding of the two. Only then would one be able to have a clear understanding of these two terms. Many people have struggled with the problem of evil and pain. They have been unable to come up with a conclusive finality. Where some have excelled in highlighting one, they have failed in explaining the other. With this as a problem attributed to the long-standing problem of the universals, one has to be keen so as not to mislead. There have been controversies surrounding the two hence the need to demystify them. Preachers all over the globe have been busy trying to get a link between the two. Some have come up with controversial conclusions thus leaving their followers more confused than before. A finality is needed in settling this conclusion and giving people the best thought possible concerning the problem of pain and evil. They are part and parcel of humanity and the earlier we understand so the better. We will have a sound approach to the two and avoid wild conclusions and imaginations about the two. Discover more by reading here. You will have a clear understanding of the problem of evil and pain.

Evil and pain and related and at the same time not related. This view depends on one’s understanding and how one would like to link the two. Biblically, the pain was a result of evil. Man disobeyed God and was thrown out of the garden. This act of being thrown out itself brought pain to man. The man could no longer enjoy the provisions enjoyed earlier. The man was to eat from his sweat as opposed to before when food was always available. Without struggle, God provided for them in the garden of Eden. There was no suffering hence there was no pain. Once viewed in this way, pain and evil are related and evil has to take place so that pain may be experienced. There is no pain outside evil. We have to note the need for man to avoid evil so that he may evade pain. Once sin exists, then it is followed by pain. They go together and they are inseparable. They can only be addressed with the elimination of one which is evil.

Evil and pain have no relationship. These two occur at their paces and times. Evil by nature is the failure of man to obey God while pain is by nature what man experiences due to their human nature. Humanity is fragile. This can be found all through the Bible where much-experienced pain not because they had sinned but due to their humanness. Humanity is weak, not as strong as its maker. The pains we undergo are to teach us how weak we are. This reminds us of the need to fall prostrate to our creator who never experiences pain. God is above pain and will never experience it. For us to overcome pain, we have to be rooted in Him who created us and never experience pain.

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